Cover page for Projekti Toiminta - Project Management Association Finland

We are happy to share another magazine cover page with extreme canyoning photograph on it. This is Finninsh magazine published by Project Management Association Finland. This project professional magazine appears twice a year and presents news and future prospects in the project sector. The booklet contains the best practices from different areas of project work. The authors of the articles are the most interesting and the best experts in their field.

Projekti Toiminta - Cover page photo by Predrag Vuckovic

About Project Management Association Finland

Projektiyhdistys ry – The Project Management Association Finland is a national organisation, founded in 1978, which promotes interaction, project-oriented thinking and the exchange and development of project-based and academic knowledge between professionals in all fields of project management. It is also an active partner in the international project management community.

Project-based knowledge increases organization’s competitiveness in the global markets. The Project Management Association with its over 4000 members raises the Finnish project activities and the management level of performance and prestige. The association’s members value the transmission of information, workgroups, development projects, project management forums, conferences and the international IPMA certification.

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