Bogutovski potok - Closing of season 2017

​For the closure of more than successful season of Extreme Canyoning 2017 we choose for several reasons to be in Bogutovski potok. Although the whole day before our action it was raining combined with moist and snow, we did not expect that we would get a lot of water in the canyon, because this year one of the bigger droughts happened and it was in such proportions that even the Biograd lake was almost dry. It was a little surprise, but it also made us happy, the perfectly sunny day despite mentioned rain and snow on the previous day. A completely dry bank, like most of the holes and pools, inspired us to explore, and the lack of water was filled with abundant yellowish leaves. We enjoyed calming silence without the water humming that would be interrupted for a moment by the wind or draft acting like the sound of waterfalls. The moss that adorns this canyon in the conditions of drought, almost remained inconspicuous in our eyes or we were already accustomed to it in this ambience. The impressive hall was always an untouched mystery of stunning dimensions from all sides and a symbol of this canyon. This time the river decided to stop the monotony of water absence and come out to the surface. At the same time we found out who drank all that water that fell abundantly before our arrival. In the back of the canyon we could bathe together with leaves and enjoy the cascades of barely flowing water through the moss. With ideally planned time just before the twilight we were already near the exit. Another perfect action and another perfect season left behind just behind us.

There are too many reasons, and we lack true words to describe why Bogutovski potok is among our favorite canyons. One thing is certain and that is the fact that we will always return to this gem of nature.

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